Duplex For Sale in Icy View, Nome

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•  3,392 sq. ft., 6 bath, 6 bdrm duplex$525,000.

– Are you looking for a home that is “a cut above” the typical Nome home? Would you love to live in Icy View, on the outer loop with miles of tundra for your backyard? Want to have your morning coffee and watch the Cranes, musk-ox, and other wild life? Looking for a home that has a large lot, garage, and other things that are not just your standard issue Nome home?

Don’t miss your chance on this incredibly well constructed duplex! With 10″ double-wall construction, Energy Star appliances, and arctic windows all contributing to a 5-Star PLUS energy rating, this durable and efficient home will really help you beat the high cost of living in Nome. Once you factor in the rents being paid by the tenants, this becomes an affordable way to have a high-quality home without the high expense. Current tenants are long term tenants who pay the rent early, and with the gorgeous location and quality of the rental, you will only attract the best tenants.

Large 10,000 sq ft lot, garages, owner’s side has greenhouse and large deck.

Showings are reserved for pre-qualified buyers by appointment only.

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7 Reasons to Purchase a Home Today

1 – Purchase a home for yourself or purchase a home for your landlord!  What you spend on shelter each month is paying for SOMEONE to own a home….let that someone be YOU!

2- A home acts a forced savings program; each payment builds equity; every improvements increases how much profit you will make when you sell.  It takes a lot of discipline to put away $500 a month for retirement on top of paying rent!

3- Mortgage interest deduction is an incredible tax deduction.

4- Current interest rates remain low; that means your monthly payment to own a home will in many cases be much less than what it would cost to rent a similar property.

5- You can earn up to $250,000 on the sale of your primary residence and pay no taxes!

6- Protection against inflation, real estate and gold typically have kept pace with the rate of inflation,

7- Home prices in Nome have an average appreciation of 2.5% annually. A much better rate of return than a savings account!

3 Story For Sale in Icy View, Nome

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Icy View location

•  1,832 sq. ft., 3 bath, 6 bdrm 3 story$225,000. Income property

– This duplex, located in the Icy View Subdivision is right next door to the firehall and playground. The upstairs unit is spacious 4br/2ba with plenty of storage, the downstairs is a cozy 2br/1ba. Both units currently rented on month-to-month leases.

At this price, rents from one of the apartments would cover the mortgage payment!

This building needs some updating, so the right person could really build equity quickly.

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Is your home a liability?

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but odds are it is!

Your residence is a liability as long as it costs you money to live there; but once it is paid for, your home becomes an income producing asset, because it will appreciate more rapidly than almost any other asset.

Investing in a personal residence is the very best investment a person can make. Not only does it provide shelter, it also functions as a ‘forced’ savings program and protects your investment against inflation!

Remember, you can purchase your own home or you can purchase a home for the landlord, the choice is yours!

What is a “Toxic” Loan

Toxic loans are loans that:

  • terms of over 30 years
  • negative amortization, or paying less than the full amount of monthly interest (increasing principal)
  • interest-only payments (your loan principal doesn’t decrease)
  • balloon payments (a large, lump sum that must be paid at a certain point in the loan)
  • LENDER fees and points that total more than 3 percent of the loan ( 3% limit on lender fees applies to loans above $100,000; those below may include fees as high as 8%)