2 Storey For Sale in City of Nome, Nome

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•  1675 sqft , 2 bath , 4 bdrm 2 storey FOR SALE  USD175,000 .
MLS® Y736488

FHA Case – 022-015554 – 216 W 3RD AVE – NOME AK 99762

Disclosures: Property is NOT located in a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area but is located in close proximity to a Special Flood Hazard Area. Please refer to www.floodtools.com for
additional information regarding flood zones and insurance, Has a heating oil storage tank located above grade. Any required system repairs will be the buyer’s expense, Repairs
exceed $10,000. Repairs may include but not limited to structure, electrical, roof, HVAC, and plumbing; Inspection recommended, Needed Repairs: Replace all interior flooring. Install
shower enclosure and sink handles. Repair damaged kitchen walls, cabinets, and range oven. Replace missing appliances. Repair damaged interior walls and ceilings. Repair damaged
light fixtures, switches and outlets. Replace damaged front door lock and frame. Replace damaged exterior deck boards. Replace rusted fuel tank. Roof repairs needed, inspection
recommended. Leveling of structure needed. , Section 110 of the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. §7410, requires state and local air pollution control agencies to adopt federally approved
control strategies to minimize air pollution. The resulting body of regulations is known as a State Implementation Plan (SIP). SIPs generally establish limits or work practice standards to
minimize emissions of the criteria air pollutants or their precursors. The criteria air pollutants are those for which EPA has established national ambient air quality standards to protect
public health: sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, lead (Pb), carbon monoxide, and ozone. Under the SIP, solid fuel (wood burning) appliances may be subject to state or
local regulations requiring removal or meeting current emission standards. Buyer to verify all info and ensure compliance as appropriate. Commission: Listing Broker 3% of purchase
price, Selling Broker up to 3% of purchase price, Misc.: UI-Eligible for 203K Financing.

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